Joint Stock Oil-Industrial Investment Commercial Bank (Nefteprombank) was set up in 1992 on the initiative of the largest enterprises and organizations operating in the Russian oil and gas industry.

Nefteprombank offers a full range of banking services to individuals, corporate clients and financial institutions. Bank’s mission is effective financing of real economy. The bank is also focused on sectoral diversification of the loan portfolio with regard to the structure and industrial affiliation of clients.

Nefteprombank is a member of the obligatory endowment insurance scheme.

RAEX Rating Agency (Expert RA) assigned credit rating to Joint Stock Oil-Industrial Investment Commercial Bank (Nefteprombank) at ruB- level with stable outlook. The positive impact on the rating assessment is provided by the balance of assets and liabilities within the short - term horizon and high level of credit quality of securities portfolio on the balance sheet. The Bank can attract secured funding in the framework of REPO transactions (as of 01.09.2018 more than 90% of the portfolio is securities of issuers belonging to the conditional rating class at ruAA- and higher level on the RAEX scale (Expert RA).

Companies in different industries co-operate with Nefteprombank in a number of directions: cash management services, conversion transactions, service of foreign economic contracts, lending, payroll card programs, issue of customs cards.