Beware of fraudsters! Cases of telephone fraud have increased lately

  • 10 of january 2018

    Lately, cases of telephone fraud have increased in respect of potential clients of Nefteprombank.

    People receive calls and text messages on their mobile numbers, purportedly from the Bank, with the offer to receive a loan at a low rate for the consideration in the form of the payment for the service “guaranteed approval of the loan by the bank” and courier services “for delivery of a credit card or cash to the borrower’s region”.

    Nefteprombank officially warns: such offers have no relation to the Bank. If you are offered paid assistance in submitting a loan application or guaranteed approval of a loan or to send a courier, etc., you are being deceived: you will just give your money to fraudsters.

    In connection with the increased incidence of various types of fraud, the "K" Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has developed "recommendations and safety rules for individuals" that will help to avoid fraudulent actions.