Dear customers and partners, for the purpose of regional network optimization, Kostromskoy Front Office terminates its operations from January 29, 2018

  • 6 of december 2017

    Dear customers and partners,

    As part of the regional network optimization process, the Kostromskoy Front Office located at 97, Sovetskaya Street, Kostroma, Kostroma Region, 156005, terminates is operations From January 29, 2018.

    The last day of operation of the Front Office will be on January 26, 2018. After closing the Front Office, from January 29, 2018, all customers will be serviced by the Bank’s Head Office at 19/20, bldg. 1, Vspolny Lane, Moscow, 123001.

    Please note that Tariffs of the Head Office of Nefteprombank may differ from those of the Front Office. See the Tariffs at the Bank’s website.

    The Bank is responsible for the fulfillment of obligations to the customers under previously concluded agreements. The fulfillment of the above obligations does not require any official assignment of the rights and obligations under agreements previously concluded with the Bank, all agreements shall remain valid.

    Re-execution of existing contracts is not required. Customers’ account numbers will not change after closing the Front Office.

    Further information is available on business days, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. till 06:30 p.m., at the Bank’s Kostromskoy Front Office (97 Sovetskaya Street, Kostroma, 156005, telephone +7 (4942) 42-7591), and at Nefteprombank’s Head Office (19/20, bldg. 1, Vspolny Lane, Moscow, 123001, tel. +7 (495) 234-2200, +7 (495) 787-4871.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We hope for understanding and further mutually beneficial cooperation.